08 September 2013

How to Create a Custom User Profile in Sitecore

To create a custom user profile:

In the Sitecore Desktop, select the Core database.

In the Template Manager or the Content Editor, duplicate the /Sitecore/Templates/System/Security/User data template definition item and I our case we create a new template called "Expert User". Add any fields and save changes to the new data template.

Stay in the "Core Database", in the Content Editor, select /Sitecore/System/Settings/Security/Profiles.
Insert a new user profile definition item using the custom user profile data template. To set this user profile as the default for new users created through the User Manager, sort the custom user profile definition item first.

In the Sitecore Desktop, select the Master database and Go to "User Manager" and create a "New" user.Now you can see the new created Profile in "User Profile" section.

WFFM Web form for marketer fail to submit in Sitecore

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